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Self-Care Tips: 4 Ways To Relax After Work

We know what happens during our 9 to 5, but what about the 5 to 9? The reality is, work can be stressful. And sometimes we carry that to the rest of our day even after we've logged off from our work computers.

But if you're after a healthy and happy life outside of work, focusing on mindful and intentional habits is one way to take better care of yourself. The last thing you want is to bring all that stress with you home at the end of the day.

Here are 4 ways to relax your mind and body after work:

1. Set The Scene

Your surroundings affect how you feel. It's like going to a spa and hearing soothing music with calming aromas filling the air — it's definitely a mood booster. Whether you want to kick back with a book or meditate, using a diffuser is the perfect companion for those relaxed moments.

2. Enjoy a cup of tea

Drinking tea offers numerous benefits such as improving sleep and aiding relaxation. Wind down with some night journaling and a cup of Chamomile tea, and try not to look at your phone too much before bed.

3. Stretch your body

When you're feeling stressed, tension can build up in your body. And the best way to release it is to stretch your body. Doing some light yoga can help soothe your body and let go of any tension. We recommend using pillows and cushions for extra comfort.

4. Cook your favorite food

Put your apron on, blast your favorite music, and choose a recipe you love (or want to try!). There's really nothing like preparing and enjoying your favorite meal after a long, stressful day — so enjoy every bite!

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