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Dinner For Two: How To Plan A Romantic Dinner Date At Home

Who said you couldn’t enjoy a romantic dinner at home?

If going to an expensive restaurant with your other half feels a little “been there, done that”, then maybe an intimate dinner for two at home may be what you’re looking for (or even need!).

Feel like cozying up by the fire? No problem. Switching to taco trays over a 3-course menu? Sounds awesome. And the best part about celebrating at home, is you get to set the scene to match what you and your partner want for the evening.

Here are five tips for planning a romantic dinner date at home.

Tip #1 - Choose your menu

Celebrating at home means having full control of the menu and making something you and your partner will love. Once you’ve decided on a menu, you can start preparations and buy the ingredients.

If spending quality time is your love language, you can make dinner together and enjoy each other’s company. Add a glass or two of your favorite wine to make it more special.

Tip #2 - Set the mood

Make it a romantic evening and spruce up your space. Whether you choose to eat in the dining room or by the coffee table in your living room, create a romantic ambiance by adding some decor.

If you want to cut down on costs (flowers can be pricey), you can use candles instead. But if you want to splurge on flowers, you can make a beautiful centerpiece to display on the dinner table.

Tip #3 - Play some music

If you have a record player, you can put your favorite record on. But if you fancy something more curated, you can put together a Spotify playlist of romantic and heartwarming songs to play during dinner.

And since you’re already at home, you might even slow dance to it.

Tip #4 - Be present

Celebrating date night at home is a reminder that it’s not all about fancy restaurants or expensive gifts, it’s about spending quality time with your partner.

We encourage you to put your phones away or anything that might cause a distraction. Instead, be present and fully enjoy the moment.

Tip #5 - Don’t forget to have fun

Our last tip is simple: have fun! Just because you’re spending date night indoors doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

The date doesn’t even have to end at dinnertime. In fact, there are no rules! You can change into something more comfortable and watch a movie together, play your favorite board game, or even have a nightcap.

Date nights aren’t reserved for expensive restaurants, mini-golf, or dinner and a movie. You can turn any other evening into an exciting one by celebrating date night at home. After all, it’s the thought that really counts.

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