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Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Every Type Of Foodie

They say the easiest gifts to buy are food-related, but when you're buying for food lovers, that's a different story — these people know the real deal.

Finding the perfect gift can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be that way! We've listed 10 gifts perfect for every type of foodie this holiday season.

For the friend who loves to host parties

Make dinner parties more memorable and special with these modern and artistic Forget Me Not Salad Plates from Twig New York.

The hand-applied decals add a unique texture to the beautiful design. Who could say no to these?

For the wine lover in the group

Enjoy fun conversations over wine with the Kokeshi Wine Stemmed Glass. It features a sleek design that's easy to hold — and Instagram-worthy!

For the foodie who loves trying new recipes

These handmade Terracotta Serving Plates are perfect for serving and keeping delicious meals warm.

Any home cook would want to keep this gorgeous stoneware in their cupboard!

For the coffee connoisseur

Mornings are great with coffee but they're best enjoyed with the Sepia Jug and Cup and Saucer Set.

The square-shaped handle gives a gentle curve and offers a firm grip so you find comfort in every sip.

For the friend who likes funky drinkware

Inspired by a Cactus plant, the Cactus Jug 3 is shaped in a playful form that's easy to hold and use.

These glass pitchers are anything but dull!

For the partner who keeps water on the nightstand

Why get out of bed to drink water when you can just turn to the nightstand?

The Bedside Water Carafe Set Bottle + Glass is perfect for those nights when you need a refreshing drink or two.

For the tea drinker who likes to drink out of colorful cups

Enjoy tea time with this colorful Ceramic Handle Mug & Saucer Set.

Bonus: you can use the saucer as a small plate for your cookies, biscuits, or any snack of your choice!

For the home cook who likes functional kitchen items

The Curved Wooden Cutting Board is not just any normal cutting board — this functional item also doubles as a cheese board or charcuterie board which makes it a kitchen essential.

For the foodie who likes to snack all the time

The Pink Check Side Plate deserves a spot in your kitchen!

Pretty in Pink, and perfect for serving snacks, desserts, and everything in between.

For the hostess who likes to keep things neat

Keep the conversation flowing without worrying about the mess with these Mini Natural and Ivory Linen Napkins.

Simple, chic, and perfect to mix and match!

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