about us

Image by Josh Hemsley

our story

The idea of Naye Decor was originally created 5 years ago in the founder’s journal. The name ‘Naye’ Decor comes from the Korean language meaning ‘My’ Decor. The concept of curating a collection of timeless decor pieces - from my to your decor. 

The founder studied interior design and was finally able to bring her passion project from her 5-year old journal to life. Inspired with a mixture of mid-century modern, Scandinavian design, and bohemian styles, she launched Naye decor in December 2020. 

Behind Naye Decor, the founder has a supportive mother who is the talented craftsman behind all handmade items. With the full support of the founder’s friends and family, Naye Decor came to reality. 

Thank you so much for supporting our small business and making our dream come true! We hope to bring you warmth and happiness with our one of a kind, timeless pieces for your home.